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chancellery in Santiago de Chile

in collaboration with ossa arquitectura

The project is focused on recovering the undoubted importance of Palacio Errázuriz, not only within the premises of the Embassy, but in the city of Santiago.

Therefore we assumed that our first action should be to design a curtain to FRAME both the Palacio and its Park.  Thus we created a permeable wooden wall that embraces, without hiding, the current Chancellery building, enhancing the importance of the palace and at the same time creating a visual unit with the other edifications. 

The next target was to INTEGRATE a new Chancellery building within the complex palace/park respecting its structure. We followed the patron established by the existing building facing the Palacio, breaking briefly the wooden wall separation to give small parts of the garden to the Chancellery interior.

The permeable wooden curtain allows to PROJECT the new Chancellery onto the park letting the light into the building and enjoying the views from outside, without affecting the privacy of the Palacio.



Architects: ipiña+nieto arquitectos / ossa arquitectura
Client: República Federativa do Brasil .
Location: Padre Alonso de Ovalle 1665.  Santiago de Chile.
Construction: Moguerza Constructora SPA
Area: 2.288 m2
Documentation: Luis Urculo (film) / Pablo Casals Aguirre (pictures)