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Emergency Interventions in Puerto Saavedra

architects: ipiña+nieto arquitectos / josé maría sánchez garcía arquitectos client: OPPTA location: puerto saavedra, region de la araucanía. chile. project year: 2012 documentation: ipiña+nieto arquitectos / josé maría sánchez garcía arquitectos

- 1st prize emergency interventions in puerto saavedra, araucania. chile -

The connection among the different communities currently scattered was established as a priority. So we marked two lines of intervention: one at a ground level “terrestre”, and another one at an elevated safe area “aéreo”.

1.     “Terrestre”: to connect the communities at ground level, we define two main axes.  One along the limit between Puerto Saavedra and Laguna ImperiaL (Costanera) and the other one on the limit between inhabited areas and flood areas (Canal 21 de Mayo).

2.     “Aéreo”. The connection to the safe area is developed by an elevated pathway in two levels equipped to host different uses and activities.

In the “terrestre” connection we want to consolidate and improve the present green paths of Costanera and Canal 21 de Mayo. Thus we provide them with the uses and appropriate design to reinforce their existing linearity and to take advantage from their rich landscape. These two limits become promenades, leisure and sport spaces including resting areas to enjoy the landscape. New perpendicular green axes connect the two main green paths.

The design of the “aéreo” connection is established by a two level pathway hosting several uses and rainproof equipment. For its upper level we propose a pedestrian urban axis where street activities could be performed. Bicycle and running lanes, craft and fruit markets are some of the possible activities allowed by this pathway, thus making possible the connection between different areas at a safe level.

This structure crosses wetlands and avoids the gap between communities to communicate Saavedra Bajo with Faldas del Cerro